Some of the world’s most famous faces have come together in support of the UK charity, Together for Short Lives, to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse this year and pay tribute to the cultural impact he has had on the world.
Icons from the worlds of fashion, film, music, TV and entertainment including Kate Moss, Mark Hamill, Tinie Tempah, Phillip Schofield, Amanda Holden and Heidi Klum have been photographed by RANKIN in a range of portraits to be released in a book to celebrate 90 years of Mickey from simple sketch to cultural icon. As well as the pop culture icons, families who have received help from Together for Short Lives will also appear in the book.
The special edition book, ‘Mickey Mouse & Me’, will include portraits of the cultural icons and families paying tribute to the inspirational impact of the “true original” Mickey Mouse, by posing with a special edition black and white statue of Mickey, who first appeared on screen in Steamboat Willie in 1928. It will also feature images of the world’s biggest TV and film stars, musicians and models wearing the iconic ears and giant white gloves Mickey Mouse is renowned for, plus their stories on the influence of Walt Disney’s most famous creation on their lives.
The books will be made available exclusively on online marketplace, eBay, in the summer with all proceeds going to Together for Short Lives, the UK charity which speaks out for and provides vital support to seriously and terminally ill children, ensuring they receive the care they need and deserve. Echoing Mickey Mouse’s personality as a ‘true original’, the UK charity believes that each child is unique and has the right to lead enriching lives with their families.
Over 30 celebrities in total have been photographed for the book celebrating the 90th anniversary with other names including actress Sadie Frost, X Factor winner Louisa Johnson, The Hunger Games star Sam Claflin, comedian Julian Clary, presenter Katie Piper, Bollywood actress Amy Jackson, Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger star Hayley Atwell, ballet dancer Sergei Polunin, millennial model Kim Turnbull, rapper Professor Green, model Fae Williams, presenter Laura Whitmore, actress and model Liv Tyler, as well as a rare shot of the man behind the camera, RANKIN.
Rankin, who brought all the icons together for the book, comments: “Mickey Mouse amazed me as a kid and Disney Fantasia made me want to be involved in film. He is much more than a character, but a symbol of optimism, hope and inspiration for people from every walk of life, and you can see his influence in my photography over the years. This book pays tribute to the inspirational impact he has had on a generation and his journey from simple sketch to cultural icon over 90 years. We’ve had a lot of fun making it, owe a debt of gratitude to those involved and I hope we raise a lot of money for an incredible charity.”
Julian Clary comments: “When I was four I can remember the theme music and it made me laugh. Mickey Mouse is the physical embodiment of laughter.”
Phillip Schofield comments: “Mickey Mouse to me means safety, comfort and tradition. A general wash of happiness.”

Photo Credit: Rankin
Photographer and director Rankin is pleased to have supported the shortly to be released book - "Mickey Mouse & Me" celebrity portraits that celebrates the 90th anniversary of ‘True Original’ Mickey Mouse in aid of the charity - Together for Short Lives.  

Mickey Mouse & Me features over 30 high profile names and families from Together for Short Lives including:
1. Kate Moss
2. Mark Hamill
3. Tinie Tempah
4. Phillip Schofield
5. Amanda Holden
6. Sadie Frost
7. Louisa Johnson
8. Sam Claflin
9. Heidi Klum
10. Katie Piper
11. Hayley Atwell
12. Julian Clary
13. Professor Green
14. Liv Tyler
15. Amy Jackson
16. Kim Turnbull
17. Laura Whitmore
18. Fae Williams
19. Olivia Grant
20. Sergei Polunin
21. Jean Campbell
22. Achok
23. Rose Daniels
24. Lily Nova
25. Pasha Harulia
26. EZ
27. Cora Corrè
28. Finlay Kemp
29. Raff Law
30. Rudy Law
31. Off Bloom
32. Olivia Anakwe
33. Veronika Vilm
34. Families from Together for Short Lives


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