• Danielle Ross
  • Ruby Djordjevic

This new collection, speaks not only on the battles we encounter, but also the armour in which we take in with us. Being a woman designing clothes for men, Danielle works resiliently to combat the pressures, misconceptions and setbacks of being a female designer. Such combats have been used as a statement and motivation in the fashion film, which takes form in a video-game style. The short film positions models as players at the start of the game where the audience can choose to ‘select your player.’ This holds significant weight and reflects clearly the agenda of the collection; the audience here are asked to recognize not only the battles that we are in and the armour that we choose, but also the type of hero we select to inspire us. “WARFARE” is an in-depth exploration into a contemporary and abstract concept of battle. The range is inspired by traditional armour, samurai armour and contemporary societal and individual combats. Emphasis continues to be made on RAUS’s signature high-end craftsmanship and tailoring with the use of hand quilting, weaving and luxe black lining. This collection pays homage to pre-modern fashion history; “WARFARE” boasts imagery of renaissance battle scenes and strong PVC self-supporting pieces emulate medieval traditional silver armour. Padded and hand quilted leather pieces are inspired by the gambeson, an under armour that was worn by Scythian horsemen in the 4th century BC. In addition, the hooded pieces in the collection are influenced by protective combat headgear worn by the Spartans, in preparation for war. Like all armour, this collection aims to empower, to aid one to CHOOSE THEIR BATTLE, CHOOSE THEIR AMOUR.