Real Estate Brand Identity

  • Juliane Bone
Juli did a great job on both our logo and website design.  I didn't know how to articulate what I wanted the end result to look like, but after meeting with her, she created exactly what I had envisioned. Not only would I recommend her, I've used her services multiple times.
Prime Buyers is a successful operation in the real estate industry. Prime Buyers' goal was to become a premier house flipping company operating in multiple markets. It needed to differentiate itself as a trusted real estate investing team.
The system included a visual identity (which became a word mark), an alternate logo, business card design, letterhead/envelope, and style guide. At the conclusion of the brand overhaul, Prime Buyers had messaging that made visual and textual sense.
Sketchbook Sessions
Initial sketches start to take shape. I find design works best starting with a quick sketch and refining from there.
Successful logo designers have used this method to elevate small-time businesses to world-wide phenomenons.
If you're in the real estate industry and looking to brand or streamline your branding efforts, let's start a conversation.