Real men project real beauty.

  • Siobhan Stewart-Charles Stewart charles
  • wilo studios

Traditionally the word ‘manly’ is associated with toughness, strength, and callous In our society, men are commonly told they must be the provider for the family, exhibit coldness, stoic qualities. While these are not bad qualities on their own, the pressure to always be perfect, fine and never falter is harmful to the male psyche and are often more dangerous and involve higher risks, both physical and psychological. In this age it is important not to leave men behind. Our whole society must grow not just parts of it. If gender equality is prominent male suicide rates and depression would be lower, everybody benefits. From whatever angle you look at it, our similarities are greater then our differences. This project was wrapped around the questions of how his relationships is with his fathers, his attitudes towards his body, his views on how the world views him and shape him, the last time he cried and was hurt by others. When he opened up I could see him revealing his vulnerability and showing that he is not afraid to be fragile and sensual this real man projected so much beauty