Rebellion & Revolution

  • Sabrina Di Mauro

World’s End is organising a ‘Rebellion & Revolution’ festival in Alaska. During the weekend you will discover an eclectic mix of events such as live music, screening, reading, theatre and much more. They want to create excitement around the event, encourage self expression, and they want the type package to be unique. They don’t want pictures.

My concept: My Idea is to concentrate on the title of the festival, ‘Rebellion & Revolution’ and concentrate on the meaning of the two words. I wanted to achieve a sense of movement, contrast and fragmentation .
The final result: I created 9 flyers. Each one had a letter from the word Rebellion. The letters are in 3D to create movement and they have only two colours of background. For the back of the flyers I used a background colour of white to have lots of contrast from the front. I created fragmentation with 3D letters that you can’t see to the end and also played with different positions for the text.