Rebranding Edinburgh Innovations

  • eniko plowas

Edinburgh Innovation’s relationships with the rest of the University and in particular academic staff have been transformed in the past 5 years, helped greatly by the success of our rejuvenated Enterprise Services team and the College Business Development teams and CAHSS Account team. In 2015 around 50% of the University’s knowledge exchange work happened through Edinburgh Research and Innovation. Today around 90% of this work comes through EI. Partnerships with Colleges have been enhanced in alignment with University and College research themes and through regular reviews between EI leadership and Heads of College and Research Deans. Dr George Baxter CEO – Edinburgh Innovations

My approach to capturing the brand essence of EI was to show how Edinburgh Innovations connects researchers with industry and manages the process of innovation delivery to a successful conclusion.
The design also provides a sense of ‘fast forwarding’ or movement towards the efficient delivery of an idea which is the primary role of Edinburgh Innovations in order to create impact.
The smoothness of the triangles symbolises the value Edinburgh Innovations plays in ensuring a smooth and efficient process of collaboration between the University and Industry. The layout of the interlocking triangle to the left of the text mirrors the University of Edinburgh logo layout.


  • T

    The University of Edinburgh

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      Edinburgh Innovations