Rebranding - The William Road Gallery

  • gil potter

For this project I was hired by the William Road Art Gallery in 2018 for a rebranding effort to make their style more professional and dynamic. The client saw the ethos as creating a space illuminated by the art held within it, a simple message that is true to all galleries and museums and a message I brought to every aspect of the rebrand. This can be seen primarily in the application of the logo, where it is always printed or placed on white, in white and layered underneath it are a series of colourful lines. This was a bolder and more compelling application of the logo in an attempt to visually try represent this message. Some of the other important alterations that were made to the brand were the font choice and the colour selection. I changed the fonts to the Univers family and used the type boldly yet lightly, like a diadictic in a exhibition. Colour is only used on the cover in combination with the logo, I settled on a combination of blues and oranges to give a vibrancy and energy to the style. Internally the documents themselves are layed out to have large borders, plenty of space and a neutral application font, so that the images or graphics are more impactful like the layout of a gallery. This was an amazing opportunity that I was delighted to be offered. The rebrand was very well received and is currently is use at the gallery.