Rechtwijzer — Mediation

  • Ronny Wieckardt
  • Maarten Mieras
Make better decisions
Rechtwijzer helps people in their divorce period make better judgements and improve decision-making through an collaborative online tool.
We @maatwerkco helped rechtwijzer with visual design and quick prototyping.
Divorce Together
Divorcing is a really tender topic in which the slightes missunderstanding of the users can end up in some serious lawsuits. Luckily our user-centered approach helped figuring out what too say, where to say it and how to design it.

Realtime mediation & descisions by a judge
People that are divorcing via the platform can work on separate topics asynchronous. When an issue can't be resolved a mediator or judge can login to the platform and either help make a decision or force one.
After a successfull launch in the Netherlands, other countries are implementing the platform. Also spin-offs of the platform are being implemented to help resolve other disputes.
If you want to know more about this project, or my other work. Feel free to visit or hit me up at twitter @rwieckardt