Red Bull Skateboarding

Is the traditional skate video as we know it really dead? What is the relevance of the skate video in this modern digital age?

The latest skate documentary from Red Bull (crafted by the guys at Knack Studios), ‘Pushing Forward’ takes a look at the emergence of the solo video part, the impact a traditional premiere still has, the hype behind the biggest team video in recent history and the future of skate videos.

01/Chapter One shines the spotlight on Ryan Decenzo during an important time in his career: as he prepared to drop his online solo video part “Double Down” for Thrasher. Ryan dedicated two full years to filming for this part. The question is raised: Was it worth it?

02/Has social media hurt or helped skateboarding? In Chapter Two of ‘Pushing Forward’ we look at the impact of social media on pro skateboarders and how the modern pro utilizes social media to manage their own brand.

03/So, who really controls skateboarding these days? In Chapter Three of Pushing Forward, we scratch the surface of understanding the modern concept of ‘skater-run’ companies and the role of corporations in the skateboard industry. Torey Pudwill, CEO of Grizzly Griptape, provides us with a unique perspective on what it’s like to run his own company and be a pro skater at the same time.

Producer: Sej (Anthony Sedgwick)
Principle Cinematography: Ted Newsome, Jon Holland
Editors: Brian Olliver, David Brunelli
GFX: Birgar Olsen
Second Camera: Jeffrey Moustache, Ira Ingram
Special thanks: Erik Bragg, Element, Transworld Skateboarding, Thrasher, Ewan Bowman, Ty Evans, Girl Skateboards.