Redesign the future of fitness memberships

  • Maarten Mieras
  • Ronny Wieckardt

OneFit gives you access to the best gyms in your city. Why choose if you can have it all? Their unique proposition asked for a fitting brand experience. We helped OneFit translating the brand to their digital platforms.

The challenge wasn’t easy; How do we translate the new brand identity to a consistent digital brand experience and improve the app and website along the way? We redesigning and redefined the digital products, laying the ground work for a design system that can be used internally.

A practical approach was required for the project. We immediately began integrating the new brand components for offline use into the current web platforms. Although it appears strange, this strategy helped us really get to know the website and app. identifying design and UX problems along the way.

After restructuring and redefining the website's and app's component parts. To build a single source of truth, we created reusable symbols and styles. Internally, product designers may now continue to create excellent designs while sticking to a rigid set of criteria. Resulting in a consistent experience across all touch points.