Returnable Packaging Service CupClub Receives Investment from....

  • Safia Qureshi
Published by: Henley Business Angels
Date: 6th August, 2018
Author: Alex
Returnable Packaging Service CupClub Receives Investment from Henley Business Angels, R/GA Ventures, Credit Suisse Director and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
CupClub, a returnable packaging service for drinks centred on the reduction of single use plastics, has received investment from a Henley Business Angels member, raising a total of £200k from their seed round.
CupClub’s packaging as a service is designed to hold both hot or cold drinks serving initially across offices, universities and closed campuses across cafés and canteens, self-service coffee/tea points and drinks vending. The service uses half the amount of carbon dioxide compared with ceramic or disposable cups (e.g. paper, Styrofoam or compostable).
CupClub is further focused on sustainability and has partnered with Giraffe Innovation sustainability consultancy to launch their first report at DEFRA’s annual State Secretary Reception.
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