Review & Renew: a coaching experience to Review 2020 so you're Renewed for 2021

  • Dina Grishin

Before you kick 2020 to the curb. Before you sign the terms and conditions to 2021. You need to stop. Breathe. And then you need to book a Review and Renew coaching experience. This super duper one-off coaching experience is more than just a coaching call. It's a 3 part bundle of treats that will have you looking at 2020 with renewed appreciation (no matter what kind of year you've had) and feeling a renewed sense of focus and motivation for 2021. Here's the bundle: 1) REVIEW: get a self-reflection questionnaire to fill out before your call (it's a goodie this one). 2) REVIEW & RENEW: a 60 min coaching call to first go over the review, recognise progress, pinpoint patterns, and identify areas of growth. Then we hone in on 1 - 2 areas of growth and we co-create a roadmap. 3) RENEWAL ROADMAP + AUDIO: You get an audio recording of the session and the roadmap worksheet you can use throughout the year to keep you on track. More details here:

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