Reviving design as a driver for success at Thames & Hudson

The Challenge

Publisher Thames & Hudson has long been known for its illustrated books on art and visual culture. In the face of increasing competition, they tasked us with helping them accelerate their design effectiveness.
The Approach
We kickstarted the design review by benchmarking the company’s output against its competitors with an external panel of design influencers. We then gathered consumer insights – through a survey of book buyers and through ethnographic research to explore how illustrated books are purchased, read and displayed in people’s homes. We also looked at the company’s design processes. Our final recommendations incorporated a set of plans to empower Thames & Hudson to transform its design approach.
The Impact
  • Design review implemented: new processes embedded to nurture design effectiveness and innovative book design
  • Design team energised: staff now fully aligned with new design approach
  • Design output strengthened: now a contributor to business success