Side Hustle/ Activism

Revolut pride - Bagstudios

  • Miles Hirsh

Revolut is introducing new feature which would be more game-design and competition to encourage donations. The feature makes possible to average person supporting the good casques and gain points with small share the person with most points by supporting most causes for example wins one of Michael Kors bag.

Campaign action plan

01. Partnership cards
Revolut is launching first series of partnership cards and accounts respecting legal rights of the same sex marriagesThe buzz around the same sex couples rights can be a great pitch to communicate with celebrities in UK around the world to join the manifesto
02. Poster campaign confronting the problem of queer community approaches true equality, particularly on the economic front.
Based on the true demographic statistics I wold spread around the city posters campaign which will inform about the real problem of economic depression in LGBT society long before the real Revolut campaign would hit the city the poster signed by ILGA
Press manifesto shall be signed by CEO or press representative

Starting in 2019 Revolut shall gather data spread the awareness and help understand better the needs of LGBT youth across the world.

Key visuals for equalirt for all campaign