• Kishan Saujani
  • Amanda Lee

Wish you well.


Myself and the team created a content plan throughout the year looking at areas such as the into to the brand, the herbs, moments of consumption, wellbeing and actuality. This content acted as the intro to the brand and its expertise with herbs within the sweets and Switzerland. This was the launch of the herb whisperers, the name of this part of the campaign as we wanted to emphasise Ricola’s expertise in herb cultivation.

How we did it

Through digital formats our Herb Whisperers story encapsulates the love and care that Ricola and its farmers put into each and every soothing drop. We created two social hero films, cinemagraphs and crafted a number of social posts. This all fell under Ricola’s new global campaign “Wish you well” , our job was to introduce the product and its brand values while stating why and when you should be having the product.

“Hours of Nurture” focuses on all the time and effort that Ricola and its farmers put into each drop.

“Hand In Hand” focuses on all the care and tactile touches that go into each Ricola drop.