riley's room (2020)

  • justine franco-okedigun
  • Archana Barathan
  • Allana Del Rosario
  • Chelby Tshikana

riley's room is a three minute piece about a mother collecting her late daughter's belongings while uncovering a secret about her death. this is my first time directing and producing a short film during my first year of university :)


adi alfa (as jane)
finley pile (as luke)


director & producer: justine franco-okedigun
assistant director & editor: allana del rosario
production designer: archana barathan
camera operator: ashley forde
camera op & graphics: sophia sampaio silva
sound: frank perez berriel
boom operator: george gilgunn
script supervisor: chelby tshikana-nyembo

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    The University of Hertfordshire