Rina Yang

  • Razvan Pestean
  • Musa C

Talking Cinematography with One of London’s Most Sought After DOP’s, Rina Yang. Rina Yang has been on a steady rise through the film industry; she spoke to us about her influences, genesis of ideas and the relationship between form, content and creative direction. What becomes clear throughout the interview is Yang’s assured sense of playfulness. To add to this, we used animation to compliment the content, and give what she was saying more dynamism. We were able to bring her words to life and embellish the conversation, offering both reference to and reverence of the content being discussed.

  • Director: MUSA
  • DOP: Razvan Pestean
  • Animator: Duncan Lawford
  • Photography: Christopher Fernandez
  • Sound Recordist: Marcus Ebanks
  • Interview by: Venetia Faye