Riposte: Tia & Nadine, BBZ

  • Tia Simon-Campbell
  • Naeem Davis

Tia & Nadine, BBZ

Can you tell us about BBZ and why you started it?
Tia: BBZ is an exhibition and club night, which is focused on eradicating misogyny and is centred on queer women and gender-neutral women of colour. I think the main reason why we started it was because we didn’t feel like there was a space for us to all gather and have genuine good vibes.
Obviously the community aspect is really key to the club night. Is it a really powerful support network that you’ve built up?
Tia: Yeah. I’m dumbfounded sometimes just at the amount of incredible women that we’ve met. I feel like generally speaking my friendship circle had a bit of a crap year and then this year it has been so beautiful and powerful because I’ve met so many people who I’ve connected with that hasn’t been just a superficial connection; I know that it’s as a result of doing BBZ. It’s sick!
Speaking of club nights what do you think of the club scene in London at the moment?
Nadine: When we wanted to start BBZ the London scene was trash! Absolute trash–metaphorically and physically but in recent months it feels like things are changing. I have a bunch of friends who run a night called Touch and Base and you’re not allowed your phone, well you are but no phones on the dance floor; it’s called a dance for a reason you’re meant to dance. It always turns into a sweat-fest and you dance from as soon as you get there until you leave! Plus it’s in a tiny Nigerian restaurant in Brixton. There are a lot of parties now where they aim to reclaim certain spaces against gentrification e.g. Pussy Palace, Resis Dance, Batty Mama…with all these parties coming up you’re like thank God. 
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