Riverbed (feat. Birdy) - Matt Ryder

  • George Sampson
  • George O'Reilly
  • Federico Rinaldi
  • Theo Rhodes

Recent music video I had the honour of producing, with Reload (Prod' Company). The idea was conceptualised by George O'Reilly (Director) and guided to realisation with the creative eye of Federico Rinaldi (DOP). Shot in an underwater and rainwater studio facility in Nottingham, UK, I couldn't have asked for better performances from both artists, given the difficult situations. Theo Rhodes (Gaffer) & Amy Luthwood-Graham (HMUA) were essential in making this possible. Very happy with what has been achieved on this project. Promonews Feature: https://www.promonews.tv/videos/2022/08/16/matt-ryder-birdy-riverbed-george-oreilly/77934