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  • Raman Rai

As a UK representative, I experienced an incredible journey with 38 students from 34 nationalities at one of the most creative and inspiring spaces in the world. Surrounded by uplifting and intelligent industry speakers who shared their own experiences and knowledge was extremely rewarding. The Roger Hatchuel Academy exposed the different avenues of the creative industry and networking opportunities to help kickstart a career in creativity. Building long-lasting and collaborative relationships with young creatives and senior executives has given me a global network. Cannes Lions made me realise that anything is possible. From having an intimate chat with Wyclef Jean about his impoverish upbringing of eating dirt off the ground to solving a creative brief in 48 hours with The Pop-Up Agency shows how much you can accomplish across 5 days. I have lost my fear of following my true passions and goals. Everyone should follow their true desires and cut out the noise! I am glad the experience is not over as the Roger Hatchuel Academy students reunite at the Google HQ in California this October!

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