Root to Flower Immersive Dining Experience at the UN Climate Change Conference

  • Kim Arazi
  • Mohamed Elamin Hassan

In June, I was invited to present my Root to Flower immersive dining experience at the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn to help the Heads of Delegations from around the globe learn how multisensory experiences can change perceptions and behaviours - in this case around plant-based eating. It was a 6-course meal where I took guests on a journey through the lifecycle of the plant, from a seed in the ground all the way up to a flower in the tree - each course representing that stage of life, with scents and soundscapes to match. I've now been commissioned to replicate this on a larger scale both in Costa Rica for pre-COP25 and in Chile for COP25 (the annual UN Climate Change Conference for 25,000 people).