Roshni 2017

  • Kaajal Thakker

My blog post of the event/a range of photos: Wednesday 8th February 2017. The Tower Ballroom, Birmingham. UOB Hindu Society Tonnes of ideas, millions of messages, endless meetings, countless photos sent back and forth, contradictory views, rehearsals and non-stop planning. The late nights and the early morning finishes. The product, Roshni 2017. If you’re not familiar with what Roshni is, it’s essentially a massive dinner and dance, three-course meal, DJ and a variety of performances from students at our uni to create a talent showcase. I feel like I’m repeating my speech to every fresher in halls when we went door to door selling tickets before the actual event. As a 14 member committee, each of us basically had different roles. Although when it came to Roshni, our roles merged and we helped each other out when needed, my personal role was creative design. This meant I got to design all our visual material, including our tickets, brochures, menu, table and name cards and our snapchat filter for the night. I was also involved in all things decor – including colour schemes and any details/finishing touches I wanted to add to the venue. Our theme was ‘A step into to the Past’ with the colour scheme being gold with touches of cerise pink and turquoise. Quite possibly one of the most difficult colour schemes to implement given the situation. The whole appearance side of things was literally just envisaged based on memory from last years event and from a meeting a few weeks before, where the venue was pretty much a massive empty room with tables and chairs. It was honestly THE best feeling being a key part of the visual transformation – seeing the change when all ideas were thrown together and brought to life. I remember an hour before the doors were meant to open and we were still in stress mode and at the final rush of getting the name cards out, placing our sponsor business cards by each plate on every table, then being called to take committee photos, I turned my head to the side and saw the venue from the entrance. I was literally in awe, the room looked so beautiful, warm and welcoming and it all just fell into place. Blog post continued:


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