Rotations. Engravings for an Art Exhibition

  • Elisabetta Cuccaro
The artistic series "Rotations" is based on the use of permutions and its laws, triggered by the physical means of engraving. Only ten copper plates are able to give life to 36 different permutations of the same, basic unit element: a little square in which two parts out of nine are coloured black.
Rotations, etching and aquatint on paper, 68 x 90,5 cm, 2017 (framed 84 x 118,9 cm)
In order: 1rst Rotation, 2nd Rotation, 3rd Rotation and 4th Rotation
Photos by Sebastien Verdon


  • H

    Hochschule der Künste Bern

    • C

      Centre Pasquart