Royal Mail Christmas Stamps

Putting a colourful contemporary twist on the Christmas story. Among Royal Mail’s special issues, their Christmas stamps are the most recognised, treasured and celebrated of the year. Over 17 billion Royal Mail Christmas stamps have been printed since the first set was issued in 1966. These festive sets are hotly anticipated and sought after by collectors worldwide. Having collaborated with Royal Mail on a number of special issue stamps, we were honoured to be invited to conceive and design a set of six commemorative stamps to tell the classic Nativity tale this year. Working in collaboration with talented illustrator Katie Ponder – whose unique, cleanly graphic style is a combination of modern and historical influences – we designed a set of colourful miniature scenes that portray the story of the Nativity. Our involvement also saw us working on a set of philatelic products including Hand Stamps, the Presentation Pack and the all-important First Day Cover. These products acted as extended canvasses for Katie’s unique, warm and radiant illustrative style. From concept to (special) delivery, a graphically glorious project.