Rozanne Hawksley

  • Renee Pfister

Rozanne Hawksley endeavours to address the experiences of life: love and loss, isolation and suffering due to war, sickness and death, the increasing misuse of power, and hypocrisy. Her starting point may have been personal but developed into the universal. The scale of her work varies from the large site-specific installation through to the intimate; hand held. Her colour range is sparse, mainly the blacks, the whites and the creams as are the material choices. Only those essential to her feeling and thinking at that particular time are used, often allegorically, as in the jolting blood red of a jewel or a painted, glimpsed line, every mark to be of consequence. Most pieces combine traditional iconography with personal imaging, bones, jewels, mirrors, veils, thread, wood, fine leather and paint, but not cluttered. All are representative of the ubiquity of death, and significant of individual experience.