I had the opportunity to shoot Ryley's first look book. Set in the Peak District we wanted to demonstrate who can be a Ryley Girl.

RYLEY is activewear made of recycled waste.
Our philosophy is centred around sustainability, function and design, using recycled waste materials and eco-friendly processes. The core of our design starts with a responsibility and a conscious approach, with a garment’s end of life in mind, so that it may be repurposed. Our garments are locally made in a factory in East London with materials thoughtfully sourced from recycled threads and zips to biodegradable packaging. To minimise our textile waste, we also offer a Repair/Recycle service in hopes of creating a more circular economy. Our vision is to drive positive change by promoting environmental awareness and an active lifestyle.
With the resolution to build a brand with purpose and meaning, RYLEY was born with the name signifying courage and determination. Inspired by women and made for the resolute - the admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering.

Ryley is a conscious brand. In our world of fast fahsion, Ryley combats this through their use of sustainable material. Understanding that active wear needs to be durable as it is challenged as much as its user, Ryley has developed a complete solution.

From using recycled material in their garments, Ryley also uses sustainable packaging to ensure the reduction of waste in their products. Alongside this Ryley also has a recycle and repair programme where users can send back in their garments for repair or if they are no longer used, Ryley will recycle the product.

read more on: https://www.ryley.co/repair-recycle
The focus of our collection is on recycled waste materials.
An alternative line of sustainable fabrics were sourced and selected for their eco credentials, high quality, functional performance, moisture management and soft comfortable feel. These include fabrics made of 100% pre-consumer recycled nylon from industrial wastage and polyester made from recycled PET plastic bottles. Our fabrics are made and dyed in a leading innovative mill in Italy certified by Bluesign®, chosen for being deeply oriented towards an awareness and respect for nature
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