S.A.D Book (2015)

  • Elizabeth Bradley
Four colour riso print (Fluro Pink, Blue, Black and Metallic Gold) spread and booklet printed at Ditto Press for studio Calm & Collected. This info graphic packed booklet contains Eliot Haworth’s poem and science report in response to his time living and studying Sturgeon hearts in Finland for an entire year back in 2013. Includes lenticular business card!

“Take shelter in the S.A.D Rescue Pack from Studio C&C, designed to replenish low reserves of creativity and colour for the ‘difficult’ months. S.A.D is the product of an assimilation of contemporary illustration, written articles, design and narrative art – curated by the studio into a manageable format. S.A.D is the conception of Studio C&C augmented by the work of 30 external practitioners, it’s content reflecting these artists’ interpretations of the subject matter, presenting original and untested coping mechanisms for the viewer. Don’t be S.A.D, S.A.D is here.”