Safe Spaces Now Launch | UNWomen UK

  • Zoe Stromberg

Safe Spaces Now project is a UN Women UK project, which brings grassroots voices and government policymakers together in the same rooms, to create safer, more inclusive public spaces free from violence today.

As part of the launch event for UN Women UK's "Safe Spaces Now" project, in collaboration with iWeigh and OurStreetsNow, and under my project @cutecatcalls, I facilitated a workshop on activism and art and how expressing your story through creativity can make a change. The workshop consisted of silkscreening second hand t-shirts, freehand drawing and experimenting through colour and type. My illustrations were also made into templates for the participants to use along side their own expressive work. Attendees also left with a 'How To" worksheet to take what they learnt about expressing their voices into their own lives, as well as for their own activism projects.
(Apperance at 0:30)

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