SAGA cruise artworks

  • chuan jia

British's premier cruise brand SAGA commissioned me to create a series of artworks for the fusion restaurant of their new cruise line.

Windows into the Orient
The journey on board is flotation through the imagination, an ambient cruise between the sky and ocean, offering windows between the high, white cliffs of England and the sinuous, serpentine coast of Asia.
Just as though you were reading "The travels of Sir John Mandeville", even if you aren't able to cross the ocean to reach these remote places, you can invite the magic of these lands into your imagination right now. Even if you have no time to trace a personal route through the history, you can savour the taste of a thousands of years of culinary delicacies.
Inside of this Floating Oriental Pane, exists the fresh scent of the Spring tea plucked from the heart of the mainland, as well as the rich taste of the Winter fish from the scattered islands.
This mingles with the evocative fragrance of Summer flowers from South Asia, and the sharp sweetness of the Autumn fruit from East Asia.
And within this vibrant, still life, ordinary people live alongside fantastic animals, and say farewell to a merchant ship disappearing in the history.
The journey on board creates your own memorable meetings, from both sides of the window.


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