• Alastair Jones

Every year Wolff Olins produces a holiday card to send out to clients and friends during the festive period.

The brief was to make a “thing” that showcased our capabilities and create a buzz. It had to be religious agnostic, focus on one of the company offers, involve all four offices, and stand out.

In response, we created SAL: Stories About Life, an immersive story generator.

A futuristic space like, mad libs style website, where users discover what their year entails from the perspective of the following Christmas.

To keep the experience interesting we created three different stories, Rags to Riches, David vs Goliath and The Journey (thanks Dylan Parry). Each one visually separated with a rich colour gradient and distinct CTAs.

When SAL scaled to smaller viewports we took advantage of smart phone features resulting in a shake to randomise inputs function.

The icons above symbolised the themes within the stories. These could be shared on social platforms increasing the amount of views SAL recieved.

The Team:
Sabrina Maerky
LA Hall
Kriszta Matyi
Karl Sadler
Dylan Parry
Denis Bouquet