Salo-Salo with Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen

  • Fides Dagongdong

On Friday the 13th of May - *SALO-SALO is a 3-course vegetarian Pinxy meal organised by Sampayan Atbp. and _inventory Platform @/inventoryplatform with Filipino-Danish artist @/lilibethcuencarasmussen. She will be sharing her Filipino food stories along with a light-hearted conversation on her art practice. Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen's praxis is based on performance art, also transformed to different materials and mediums such as video, photography, sculpture and installations. Cuenca's productions involve the body, scripted texts, songs, composed music as well as intricate visual elements like costumes used as set design. She gathers, adapts, and universalizes her narratives in both a critical and humorous approach in regards to issues such as identity, culture, religion, gender and social relations. This event is part of an ongoing Food & Rituals collaboration between her and artist, Rhine Bernardino. TRNSLTN: • Salo-Salo (TAGALOG; literal: eclectic mix; alternate spelling, salú) - colloquial term used as getting together with food, meaning a banquet; reception; feast; gathering and eating together; party. Salo/salu can also mean to catch or to have someone’s back. ​​ • kitakits - colloquial Filipino terms, derived from 'kita-kita' meaning 'to see/to meet up'