Samsung - A Moon For All Mankind

Part of the production team at Framestore that helped bring this world first VR experience to life. Working closely with creative agency Iris and engineering experts Mannetron, Framestore proudly joined Samsung’s mission to bring space travel to all, in the approach to the 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing. ‘A Moon For All Mankind’ is the world’s first lunar gravity simulation VR experience, created in collaboration with NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC), using the Samsung Gear VR and a custom-built rig. Having launched under embargo at the 2018 Winter Olympics and at Mobile World Congress, July sees the experience land publicly at Samsung 837, in New York City, with more international markets to come. My key responsibilities included: - Working closely with Iris and Samsung at the early creative stage - Developing and managing relationship with engineering team at Mannetron - Assisting on budget, contracts, scope of work and scheduling documentation - Managing multiple aspects of sound alongside sound house Grand Central Recording Studios. Responsible for managing costs, booking talent and translation / localisation tasks.


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