Samsung - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The challenge

Creating differentiation in the smartphone market is a challenge as most devices are pretty much the same. However the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a relevant and important feature that makes it stand out from competitors – it is water resistant. As the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge became a viral phenomenon, Samsung looked for an opportunity to promote the Galaxy S5’s USP while also benefitting the UK’s Motor Neurone Disease Association (MNDA).

The idea

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge grabbed the public imagination last summer, quickly becoming a social phenomenon. While some brands attempted to piggyback the trend, Samsung UK turned to its famously waterproof Galaxy S5 smartphone to forge a link that was rooted in the product’s capabilities. To be as effective as possible, Samsung needed to strike while the iron was hot. So we went from concept to execution in 24-hours, scripting and producing a film entirely in-house. The clip used the Galaxy S5’s S voice function to let the phone speak, announcing its intention and even nominating several other smartphone brands to take the challenge too. The video content was deployed via YouTube and Samsung’s social channels, including Twitter and Facebook. Samsung created the challenge with the full support of the MND (motor neurone disease) Association in the UK and made a donation to the charity.

Did it Move?

As the video went viral it clocked up more than our four million views on YouTube in four days, reaching 145 countries, and securing 3% of the global conversation around Ice Bucket Challenge. In terms of total awareness, it reached more than 29 million people and was the 12th most watched challenge globally, ahead of Tom Cruise, David Beckham, Usain Bolt, Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. For a budget of just £6,000, the campaign earned a PR value of £545k representing a £0.0002 Cost Per Reach. In all, 28,954 spontaneous stories were generated. Of those who engaged, 18% referenced the phone’s waterproof feature. The Challenge also allowed Samsung to demonstrate a more playful side to the brand’s character with 41% of people mentioning Samsung’s humor and confidence at nominating non waterproof rivals.