Samsung - Fli-Fy: Pigeon Powered WiFi

The challenge

Samsung wanted to move from being a respected brand to a loved one. We saw April Fools’ Day, a day dedicated to practical jokes, as the perfect platform to do this; It would allow Samsung to challenge other brands that utilise this light-hearted day, while also letting them showcase their creativity, innovation and humour.

The idea

On the 1st of April 2014, Samsung launched the world’s first free Wi-Fi service powered by pigeons and the new Samsung micro router; it was called Samsung Fli-Fy. This new venture was announced through the Samsung social channels as a test pilot event in London that would eventually go on to supply free Wi-Fi connectivity to the entire country and in doing so, replace the unstable, weak and frustrating W-Fi experience that we know and expect.

Did it Move?

Samsung’s Fli-Fy really took off. In a single day it received 50,000 YouTube views and was included on the top content lists of the April Fools’ Day. It featured in national and international press and, most importantly, delivered 1000% ROI on £50k - delivering £500k in PR value.