Sandbanks campaign

  • Lauren Scott

Fashion campaign for a sustainable luxury clothing brand called ‘Sandbanks’, which is based in Bournemouth. Sandbanks is up and coming brand and the co-founder and brand ambassador is Jamie Redknapp. I was initially inspired by a quote from Vivienne Westwood that we should ‘Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity’. My ideas were also influenced by Stella McCartney’s brand image which is built upon activism, being ethnical and sustainably responsible. I produced a campaign which promotes Sandbanks’s AW19 collection; consisting of seven luxury jackets made almost entirely from plastic bottles retrieved from oceans and landfill. Each photo reflect elements of the Sandbanks' ethos; ‘Inspired by luxury, driven by sustainability’. I also chose different features of the product to promote the concept including; Unisex design, versatility and functionality, reversible designs and sustainable production. My aim was to showcase unique designs and raise awareness of sustainable fashion choices that are both stylish and functional. I also felt that the concept is very topical and relatable as Climate Change continues to be a huge issue today.