Sano - Brand Identity


A brand and visual identity for a challenger brand


Create the branding and identity for Sano, a new food brand entering a crowded market and looking to empower people to make the best nutritional and wellbeing decisions in their everyday lives.
In creating the brand from scratch, the main challenge was to communicate its real point of difference – seriously tasty food based on sound nutritional science.


A creative audit of the ‘health and wellbeing’ space demonstrated how bland the market was, saturated with greens, browns, pastels and hand-drawn illustrations & typography. Sano would be positioned at the opposite end of the spectrum: vibrant colours, bold patterns and striking visual cues. This would reflect Sano’s fresh way of thinking and its facts not fads approach.


Throughout, the brand represented the meeting point of a passion for food and science. The logo referenced the periodic table and the precision behind every decision made, whilst the typography recalls the founders’ mission to start a food revolution, with a stencilled approach reminiscent of revolutionary posters and artwork.
The two worlds are perhaps best expressed in the visuals: two distinct halves show close-ups of Sano’s delicious, nutritious food connected to precise, geometric, scientific patterns. The combination creates a clean, contemporary and premium feeling brand that appeals to the busy city target audience.
The identity was then rolled out across all of Sano’s touchpoints, creating a brand architecture for the main brand and sub-brands.
“Sano is a labour of love for so many of us and so we wanted the design to communicate our message in a vibrant and accessible way. Clinic have understood our passion from day one and have created brand designs which help to bring Sano to life for our customers.”
Doug Richards, co-founder and CEO of Sano