Santal 36

  • Miryam Lozano
  • Susanna Forés
Santal 36 is a London based accessories design brand founded by Miryam Lozano in 2013, as the home for her bespoke leather accessories. Santal 36 strives for specialist craftsmanship of the highest quality expressed through Lozano’s unique and innovative approach. Inspiration comes simultaneously from the pioneers of modern design and traditional Spanish craftsmen. Santal 36 is modernity set in Spanish leather: sustainably sourced, naturally coloured, and developed in collaboration with Southern Spain’s best leather-workers.

In a world increasingly defined by disposable fashion, Santal 36 offers excellence and unique lifelong wearable pieces. Hand-stitched finishing, high quality leather, and a strong selection of materials illustrates the values and ambition of Santal 36.