Sappho's Sanctuary Book Club

  • Erin Molloy-Brookes
  • Mia Caven

Sappho's Sanctuary is an inclusive book club created with the purpose of amplifying sapphic voices in literature.

As a child, I was part of a book club at my local library and I loved the sense of community that came with connecting with others over our mutual love of books. However, as an adult, I found that many book clubs centered around heterosexual narratives, leaving me feeling excluded. That's when I had the idea to create a book club based solely around sapphic literature. I wanted to build a community where we could come together to celebrate LGBTQ+ authors and characters, and create a safe space for meaningful discussions. And thus, Sappho's Sanctuary was born.


Monthly book selections: Dive into a diverse range of reads chosen collectively by our community.

Community connection: Forge meaningful connections with like-minded readers and create lasting friendships in our welcoming space.

Empower sapphic voices: Uplift and amplify the voices of sapphic authors and characters, fostering representation and inclusivity in literature.

We have grown to over 200 members in our group on Discord, as well as over 1,200 followers across various social media platforms in under 3 weeks.

Our featured book for May, "Last Night At The Telegraph Club" by Malinda Lo, was announced with a stunning social media post created by our talented member, Mia Caven. Be sure to check it out on our social media platforms!

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