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  • Sasha Compton

Brief: to create two original artworks inspired by your childhood for Bambini Collections. Bambini Collections is an online gallery that collaborates with emerging artists to create art for children that stimulates their imaginations and are pieces they can grow up with, rather than out of. They are partnered with Place2Be, a charity that aids children's mental health in schools. "This artwork has been created by Artist, Sasha Compton and is inspired by her childhood memories in Scotland snorkelling and playing at the seaside. She and her mother and would collect seaweed, shells and other items along the beach and use the sand as a canvas to lay out the items and create a scene. She chose vibrant and emotional colours of joy, as she remembers discovering the underwater life and the colours being magical. She aimed to keep the vibrant tones as a key aesthetic in the artwork to represent her younger self’s interpretation."

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