Scholarship Essay Format

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The R - Result paragraph in scholarship essay formatting is a summary of the essay's main points

'E' - 'Ethics' paragraph

In your 'E' - 'Essay' section, you should mention any ethical principles that you feel are important to your life. Be careful not to make assumptions about others or use stereotypes. Use inclusive language that reflects all people and their perspectives. Cite sources in the most recent documentation style sheet. Make sure to quote paraphrases as well as direct quotes.

'P' - 'Pathos' paragraph

A 'P' - 'Pathos' paragraph in a scholarship essay format is an emotional appeal to the audience. Pathos is the use of emotional vocabulary and atmosphere to persuade the audience by appealing to facts that affect them. For example, a discussion essay on global warming best online paper writing service use pathos to highlight the effects of climate change and how it will affect human life. Strong hurricanes and extreme heat will affect the economics and agricultural industries, and exacerbate energy consumption. The price of water will rise, and the supply of natural resources will decrease.
The 'P' - 'Pathos' paragraph in scholarship essay format comprises an argument that presents a personal view of the issue or topic. It should read like a narrative and make the reader feel something. This may be the only opportunity the committee will have to get to know the applicant. If it evokes an emotion, it is a great topic.

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