Screen Shot Magazine | Issue 01

  • Alessia Arcuri
  • Harald Smart
Screen Shot is an online and offline editorial project, a platform that functions both as a timeline and as an archive.
Screen Shot collects, documents and rationalises on the pivotal moments and events marking the development of critical and creative threads within the city of London. Every six months, the contents take tangible form into a printed publication, which becomes a physical archive gathering the most significants reflections and features of the previous six months.   Contents are organised by date through a timeline, page numbers are not included and the reader is invited to drift within contents.
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Design and Art Direction for Print: Alessia Arcuri
Lead Design for Web: Alessia Arcuri
Design for Web and Web Development: Joe Pleass
UX Consultation: Gon Pessach
Product shoots and post-production: Alessia Arcuri
Motion Design: Alessia Arcuri