'Screening Sculptures' Call for Art#10

Call for Art curated by: guest curator Georgia Stephenson & CLÜB curator and founder Ania Sokolova

We invite to apply all the female artists, teams, artists communities, both national and international, working in mediums: sculpture, ready made, installation, textiles, work on paper.
Applicants must be 18 years of age or older to apply.
"I am encouraging artists to think of themselves as a director, to consider the way they view their work as a lens by which the audience should too. This short film submission is an opportunity for artists to represent their 3D and sculptural works in a dynamic and cinematic way, rather than their works having to be flattened into a two-dimensional, gallery ready image. Artists are encouraged to employ music, foley, treatments and edits to tell the story of the artwork and bring the piece to life."
- Georgia
Watch the introduction by one of the curators.
"I ask you to remove your art from the side, use the background, light, darkness, sound ... Maybe you want to show your art object at the distance of 100 meters, in complete darkness, in motion... Or your script is your fisical contact with an art object. I'm sure your art is more than just an object, so I would love to read this full story through your video."
- Ania
This selection is your future exhibition!
We will make & print screenshots from videos of the selected artists and send them to different spaces around the world, where the work will be displayed on the window. This is a new opportunity for artists who work with sculpture, ready made, installation, textiles and work on paper to take part in an exhibition in another part of the world.
Exhibition theme: Screening Sculptures
Deadline 1.06.2021
Exhibition time: 15 June - 27 July, 2021
Participation fee - 45 euro