• Ivan Goran Zunar
Client: Prostoria d.o.o. (as a part of a project Practicing design in organization of Croatian Designers Society and VERN University of Applied Sciences)
Design: Milena Jovanovic, Alica Pancer, Tomica Perkovic, Ivan Goran Zunar
Product photographies: Miran Krcadinac
Cathegories: industrial / furniture design, print design
Year: 2016.

Exhibitions and publications:
  • Design Week festival in Zagreb (2017.)
  • Mikser festival in Belgrade (2017.)
  • 3rd prize for best design on the Conference People, wood and furniture in Banja Luka (2017.)
  • Design Plus Award for the best prototype of Ambienta 44th International Furniture, Interior Decoration and Supporting Industry Fair (2017.)

The concept of SecretArea is a contemporary interpretation of secretaire based on its historical typology, derived from our research of homeoffices, needs and habits of users, and the atmosphere, the feeling we believe are essential element of any successful design.
Due to the rapid communication and many technologies which we are daily exposed to, the problem is to focus, isolate and bring yourself in the state of concentration necessary for any productive work. SecretArea is a place of intimacy, place where you can work but you don´t have to. Place for you to contemplate, concentrate or communicate – virtually or by writing a letter. Fluid and open, but at the same time private and confidential. Its shape and material quality creates audiovisually isolated sphere. Work surface combined with inovative organization screen in a form of cocoon reflects the product´s core concept – flexible and dynamic organizational system where interaction between object and the user is amplified.