Serial Repetition - Graduate Collection, 2018

Evie's graduate collection has been inspired by the simple, massive shapes and colour blocking characteristics of minimalist art. In minimalist works, the interest lies within the shape and form and surface of the work, and often results in rigorous reductivism and non-emotive design. Work is stripped to it’s core, and is often visually simplified, even if the construction and composition is incredibly complex, with the consideration of texture, colour and space created. Extreme simplicity often originates with simple lines and geometric shapes used in repetition. Serial repetition and composition is key to the collection; serial imagery, often multiple rows and columns, form an abstract grid.

Evie places high importance on using high quality yarns, and attended Spinexpo Paris in July 2017 and February 2018 in the search of high quality yarns. During her final year at University, Evie made connections with those she met at Spinexpo, and she was awarded a yarn sponsorship from Winning Textile Co.
“Minimal styles do not need to be restrictive and should, in fact, be liberating”
- Francisco Costa