Sex Talks #1 - Sex and The Female Pleasure Taboo, With Lucy Litwack and Billie Quinlan

  • Emma-Louise Boynton

“Respect for female pleasure is respect for women. It is respect for gender equality, and for the fact that women's feelings and emotions are as important as anybody else’s.” - Lucy Litwack, CEO of Coco De Mer Yet, female pleasure is still taboo... Which is why I created Sex Talks, the event and podcast series focused on opening up honest and frank conversations on sex, orgasms and the female pleasure taboo. As most women have come to realize, we often end up being confronted by a heavily sanitised and idealised version of sex; one that reinforces reductive stereotypes around the kind of sex we ‘should’ be having, how we ‘ought’ to feel about sex, and what a sexy body is ‘meant’ to look like. What this depiction tends therefore to miss out is all the ways in which sex still remains a taboo topic, particularly when it comes to female pleasure. For the launch of Sex Talks, host and creator Emma-Louise Boynton was joined by Lucy Litwack, CEO of Coco De Mer, the luxury lingerie and erotica company whose mission is to champion female pleasure in all its forms, and Billie Quinlan, co-founder of Ferly, the app designed to help you explore eroticism, prioritize pleasure and cultivate your sexual confidence to discuss all things sex and the female pleasure taboo. Lucy gave us all a lesson on fake orgasms and opened up about the struggle of working in the female pleasure industry in a patriarchal system, while Billie shared some very surprising stats on boundaries and sex. “Peggy Augustine did a research where she found that women who were sexually happy and sexually authentic, were more successful in their careers. They were happier in their overall lives, because they were able to create better boundaries with their friendships, better boundaries at work, they were able to communicate their needs and desires. That's not just sensual and erotic desires, but the desire for a career change, the desire for a promotion, and they didn't feel guilty in expressing those needs; they felt empowered. All of that came from nurturing their sexuality.” - Billie Quinlan, co-founder of Ferly If the world has got you feeling alone or ashamed when it comes to sexuality and or if mainstream media has ever made you feel like you were broken… Look no further, you’ve come to the right place, where we'll have open and honest conversations that leave all shame and taboos behind so you can connect with others and realize how you're not alone.

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