Sex Talks #4: What women really think about when they're having sex

  • Emma-Louise Boynton
  • Maria Rubio

Sex Talks is a new event and podcast series exploring issues surrounding sex, desire and the female pleasure taboo. This International Women's Day we're delving into what women around the world really think about when they're having sex and what this tells us about the norms and taboos that surround sex and the female body across different cultures. We'll also be curating an exhibition of London-based artists whose work explores and reimagines sex, intimacy and desire. The artwork will be displayed in The Basement room at The Edition, where our panel discussion will also take place. Joining Sex Talks host and creator, Emma-Louise Boynton is the dreamiest panel of sex-experts around, including: Lucy-Anne Holmes, the author and activist who recently published "Women on top of the world" - a collection of searingly honest testimonies of women around the world on what sex means and feels like to them. She also happens to be a sexual priestess, and if you don't know what that is... well, you'll have to join us to find out. Sangeeta Pillai, founder of Soul Sutras, a ‘feminist platform for all bad betis & besharam bibis’, is creating a safe space for South Asian womxn to tell their stories and tackle taboos surrounding sex, sexuality, periods, menopause, sexual harassment and more. Sangeeta hosts the award-winning Masala podcast. & Raga Olga De Silva, co-founder of India's largest international speaker agency, Speaking Minds, and a known advocate in the LGBT space. Raga is a published author of Untold Lies, her debut book which received much love is scheduled to be launched in London on 9th March, an avid blogger and a host of several online shows, including Coming out stories from India, From the Other Side and The Views Room. To add a visual layer to this juicy discussion, Emma-Louise is also curating an exhibition featuring London-based artists and photographers whose work explores sex, intimacy and the female form. - Laxmi ( - Melissa Jarram ( - Bar Alon ( - Kelly Anna ( - Sequoia Ziff ( As if this wasn't exciting enough, there will be a goodie bag for everyone with lots of sexy surprises and a raffle hosted by Smilemakers for the opportunity to win one of their new sex toys. Buy your tickets (if you haven't yet) right here: . Can't wait to see you all on Tuesday, 8 March at The London Edition.


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