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  • Emma-Louise Boynton

Sex Talks is the new monthly event series and podcast, which explores issues around sex, desire, and the female pleasure taboo, hosted and created by presenter and journalist, Emma-Louise Boynton. A bit about the series... Sex is everywhere. Sex sells, remember? Except that often what we're confronted with is a heavily sanitized and often idealized version of sex. Depictions which only really serve to reinforce reductive stereotypes around the kind of sex we 'should' be having, how we 'ought' to feel about it and what a 'sexy' body is 'meant' to look like. While porn continues to institute the primacy of male pleasure, the orgasm gap, aka the difference between the rate at which men and women orgasm during partnered, heteronormative sex, remains at 30% in favor of men. It’s something I experienced first-hand. For years, I was unable to orgasm in partnered sex until a friend recommended I go and see a sex therapist. I never looked back. I documented my experience doing sex therapy in a column on The Stack and found that the more I talked about my own issues around sex, the more people talked to me about the extent to which they shared those same issues - men and women alike. I fast realized how many of us still hold so much shame around talking about sex in an open and honest way, held back by the idea that if we have an issue around sex then we are somehow ‘broken’ or defective. We are not. And so, I decided to start Sex Talks with the brilliant team at The London Edition, to create a space in which we can begin to tackle the taboos surrounding sex generally, and the female pleasure taboo specifically. I now host, produce and creative direct this monthly series and live podcast recording, which will soon be expanding out in a whole multitude of ways.

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