• Tati Yusuf
  • Alice Stewart

Interview with found of @touchyfeely tech, Alice Stewart.

Sitting in my bedroom (as most of us have been doing for the past year), I begin to wonder about the drastic lack of intimacy and enjoyment so many people have lost during isolation. And for many, some have become more reliant on new technologies and innovations to bring that satisfaction as well as improve our self-awareness.

I stumble upon an event with TOUCHY-FEELY TECH, a D-I-Y Sex Kit and workshop organisation that creates “educational kits and experiences that combine electronic hardware, software skills and hands-on craft.
The sex-tech industry is growing and with this Unicorn Magazine Issue of Cyber, I want to explore how LGBTQ+ people, sex and innovative technology are creating space for everyone to appreciate.
With the general lack of inclusive space in the cyber and tech industry, many fail to understand the effects of toxic environments in the tech world. 

The lack of LGBTQ+ inclusive sex products, services and open conversation is very clear within society, however with the market right now there is a huge space for creative innovators and tech stars to bridge that gap in the market and bring pleasure to all.
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