Sexualization Course Project

  • Wuraola Ogunmowo

Sexualization has evolved over the years, from painting in the perfect angelic female body in renaissance art to portray women in very explicit acts in media to communicate a “message”. In other words, they strive to portray a narrative but however fail to see that the exposure and explicit image of women they create overpowers the message they try to communicate. Which shows that more effort has been put into creating what a woman should look like. The Illustrations down below were created to support research and exploration on the topic to be part of Feminism Zine. My illustrations involved a lot of digital manipulation which has been done on Adobe Photoshop and Krita and experimentation with colour. The background images shows stiff explicit images of the female body in boring straight position. I did this to express the repetitive use of these same perfect standard of the body and to portray that it is overused and basic. Different body forms i overlaid on the background. I used colors to bring out these female bodies to be more eye catching to the viewer and see the difference in the body types and the flow in uniqueness of family body types. Furthermore, words to support the notion that the female body is not made to please the eyes of men mainly and should be appreciated more by giving more respect and consideration to all women and young girls who have to grow up to learn about the selves and their self value and they do not need to look a certain way to please others and to pass a message to an audience as the act is quite inappropriate.