Shamil Tanna - Amazon x LNB

  • Cathy Bennett
  • Kaarel Holm
  • Dave Frampton
  • Syed shaheryar hyder Shah
  • Fi Alemanni
  • Nabta Abbas
  • Kaylan Perkins
  • Silvia Peneva
A great brief, great set and awesome basketball players all added up to some dynamic shots and moving footage by Shamil Tanna for Amazon and LBN Officiel. Bright colours and graphics created a perfect backdrop for the magic performed by the hoop masters.

Photographer - Shamil Tanna
Photographer's Agent - VUE
Agency - Amazon
Amazon Producer- Tom Falck
Creative- Tony Ennis
Production – Jade Bogue
Styling – Andie Redman
Lighting – Grip Van
Set Design – Andy Knight
Choreography – Playmaker- Eddie McClements
Models – Orlan Jackman, Tia, Samuel Cricelli, Taner Adu


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